Dieter Kuhn: A Canmore Original

Dieter Kuhn: A Canmore Original 

I first met Dieter when he walked into our RE/MAX Alpine Real Estate office on Main Street in the summer of 2015.

Dieter’s house had just blown up and Dieter was looking for a place to rent.

The explosion that registered a 1.1 on the closest Richter scale approximately 80 kilometres south of Calgary, occurred in June 2015 in Canmore during the expansion project of the Bow River Seniors Home when a sub-contractor worker hit an ATCO gas line. Dieter’s house was completely demolished and a dozen others in the neighbourhood were affected. And it was really just good luck that Dieter was safe in his car on the way back home from Calgary.

Dieter came to Canmore in 1975.

Originally from Trier, a small historical city in the mid-west of Germany, he had been a chef in Switzerland and together with his German fiancé had the idea to come to Canada for a year to travel the country and then return. He never went back.

Dieter remembers how things...