Want To Sell Quick? Set Yourself Up For A Quick Sale!

As the peak selling season is in full swing, you need to make sure that you don’t miss the bus when the slow summer days come, the heat rises and you are left with your property firmly stuck in your hands. As you consider your disappointment, you need to accept that you cannot realistically sell your house in Canmore until the autumn.

Any plans you may have had to move permanently to your next destination will need to be put on hold. If you have had to move away for work, most likely, you will need to find temporary accommodation while you have to wait for your home to be bought.

While you want to sell your home quickly, there should be no reason to drop the price very much below your property’s achievable market value to get a fast sale. If you want to maximize your return play the smart game, follow these smart moves to ensure that you get the best deal and can make your sale as fast and as profitable as possible. Now even if you are not able to sell in the high season, even in the mid and low season by following this good advice, you should be able to get the best price possible for your home.

Set the right initial asking price

So, you are one of the owners of Canmore homes for sale, how are you going to ensure that you get the best price for your property? Now while no selling decision is definitely 100% right or 100% wrong, there is a popular strategy that has been proven many times to be wrong. It goes something like this; the seller decides to go for a higher asking price to see if they can get a deal at their top price expectation level. The house goes on the market and buyers come to view the property and ask if you are prepared to accept a lower offer.

Because you have only just placed the property on the market you are reluctant to agree the deal as you prefer to wait. However this could be a big mistake that you will only realize with the benefit of hind sight.

Property experts in Canmore point out a trend that is very common across the country. They say “the first 30 days of your property being on the market are usually the most active. Buyers who have been looking already will want to see what you have got to offer. If you are unable to settle in the first 30 days your property will be seen as not moving and potential buyers think there is something wrong with it.” This is a fair comment; the problem is that your asking price is just too high.

As they point out the first 30 days are critical in the sales cycle and holding on too long could mean that you are forced to a lower price than you originally decided was the lowest you would expect, as time has effectively run out. 
Extend your home’s appeal to the perimeter

It’s called “curb appeal” and realtors swear by it. What this means is what the effect on a potential buyer is when they first see your home from the curb? Take a careful look at your home from the street and see how it scores. A few smart gardening and home improvement tactics can keep the potential buyer interested in your house, enough to make them decide to enter and take a look around.

Plant flowers in your front lawn, if you don’t have a front garden some hanging baskets decked with flowers will earn you positive points. Replace a broken mailbox and check out the state of the paint or varnish on the front door. Also make sure the paint is not chipped or peeling on your front window frame. If your lawn has some holes or brown patches insert a new sod or two of grass to make it appear as good as new. As the prospective buyer is pulling into your driveway to view your property they are already making buying decisions, so tilt the odds in your favor.

Keep your interior and exterior fresh and up to date

Those buyers who compliment their purchase to themselves; their friends and family often explain that they convinced the sellers that their property would need considerable work to make it presentable and even habitable. Often this tactic is used to convince older aged sellers to sell below the market price.

If you are selling do yourself a favor and check off the following key tasks that you can easily complete to raise the selling value of your home. Paint all the rooms in light or neutral colors to make the home look bright and in tip top condition. Replace damaged or old fixtures, taps, door handles or built in wardrobes. Make sure the garden is well maintained and looks attractive and tidy.